Tivoli ZBA grants flag lot variance

The Tivoli Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has granted an area variance that would allow Bessina Harrar to subdivide her current property at 23 Broadway to create a new flag lot. The flag lot, so named because of its shape — a long driveway “pole” with the larger plot of land at the end of it — would have only 25 feet of frontage, half the 50 feet required in the zoning. According to Harrar, the land behind her home was at one point a separate, land-locked parcel that was merged with the current plot about 12 years ago.

During a ZBA public hearing before the application was approved on March 26, some concern was expressed by a neighbor, John Klein, that a variance could enable the further subdivision of the flag lot into plots for three residences. The chair of the ZBA, Laura Gail Tyler, said it was her understanding that any further subdivision would require a road and that a road requires 50 feet of frontage, so any attempt to do so would require another ZBA variance.

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