Dutchess County takes action against domestic violence

POUGHKEEPSIE – In response to multiple domestic violence homicides in Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley in the last year, Dutchess County residents Maria DiBari and Alyssa Kogon will be starting the first Tri-County Crisis Center in New York. The Center will focus on assisting three counties: Dutchess, Putnam and Orange. This Crisis Center will expand upon and enhance the current resources in place in all three counties and will be located in Dutchess County.

Many victims of violence today are struggling to navigate through the system after reaching out for help, and many fall through the cracks and are left behind. Victims of domestic violence are in need of free legal representation, counseling, safety planning, and advocacy. The Tri-County Crisis Center will be modeled after progressive Centers around the US that are trying to go above and beyond to help victims from start to finish and provide assistance and follow-up.

As a victim of violence herself, Maria DiBari is aware of the struggle to survive in an abusive situation with resources that are not adequate.

“This Center will address the needs of victims today and focus on building resources that are lacking in the community. A future project of the Crisis Center will be to build a High Risk Response Team for high-risk domestic violence cases.” says DiBari.

The Tri-County Crisis Center will be in need of community support and will be accepting donations. Your donations will help ensure the success and growth of this Center. Presently, donations can be given directly to our fiscal sponsor, Survivors in Action at www.survivorsinaction.com.

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