Science lab renovation bids are in

Project coordinator Perry Sheldon reported to the Red Hook School Board April 12 that plans for the renovation of nine science labs in the high school are moving forward, with bids received and opened.

“We received bids that fit within our budget and we’re meeting with the apparent low bidder or next-to-low bidder for each trade,” said Sheldon. “[We may] benefit from some very aggressive pricing.”

According to the district, the funding for the project comes from the recent roofing project that was completed early and under budget. By law, it cannot be transferred to the general budget. The work includes much-needed repairs and improvements to bring the science labs up to modern high school lab standards.

“We’re working with the teachers and the principal at the high school, and we’re going to be taking some of the spaces over as early as June 13,” said Sheldon. No work will occur during the school day but, by using nights and weekends, the project managers hope to accelerate the process to ensure completion before school reopens in September.

Business administrator Bruce Martin said that the initial award is expected to be for close to $2 million. Once the district is confident work is progressing without problems, the remaining work will be awarded for a total of approximately $2.3 million.

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