It’s simmer time at the Emporium

Red Hook Community Arts Network (RHCAN) and Red Hook Area Chamber of Commerce will host an art and music event on Oct. 27 from 2 to 5pm. The event will be held at The Red Hook Emporium, at 7392 South Broadway, and is free and open to the public.

The event is affectionately titled “soupCAN,” and will serve to connect the Red Hook community with a wide variety of local artists’ work. There will be fun seasonal art activities for children to enjoy. There will also be homemade soups and breads served with warm drinks and assorted tasty treats.

“We will have soup, mulled wine and cider – everything will be a dollar,” said Kari Feuer, chairman of RHCAN. “There will be kids’ art activities. We’ve lined up some musical and dance acts — Finn Shanahan will play, he’s firmly committed. We might have a small art exhibit there. We’ll be selling our new mugs with logo on it as a mini fundraiser.” RHCAN will also be offering their own special mugs for purchase to fill with one free cup of soup. Each mug costs $10, and the proceeds will benefit RHCAN programs throughout the year.

“This is not our first community-wide event. We just gave it a different flavor this year,” said Feuer. “We started in April of 2011 trying to foster community awareness by having the ‘CAN Opener’ as a community event. Over 200 people showed up! There was an outpouring of enthusiasm. We like to include the community at large and make them familiar with what we are doing.”

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