From debris to delight

When the procession arrived, the “actors” immediately changed roles for construction work: a large extension cord was produced, tools appeared, and the platform that will hold MAN for the coming year began to take shape.

Christopher Carney, one of the cloaked carriers, immediately started working. His daughters have attended dance classes at the Cocoon Theater in Rhinebeck, which San Millan runs with his wife, Marguerite. “MAN represents what individuals are capable of, so it was fitting that we chose to come together as a group to transport it ourselves, rather than putting it on a truck,” Chris said.

At 4pm, Taste Budd’s offered a buffet to all the celebrants.

“We are on a mission to support art and culture in our community,” said cafe owner Dan Budd. “We spend a lot of time and effort in our world of culinary arts, so it only makes sense that we embrace music and visual art to complement our cafe. MAN has brought smiles, wide eyes, and astonishment to Red Hook. When it comes to celebrating art in our community, we’ve got one big foot down.”

“The event seemed to create so much energy,” San Millan added, pleased at the day’s success. He even welcomes the idea that birds might nest in MAN, which would add another perspective to the piece.

“When a project like MAN comes along, there will be challenges…” he noted, adding, “You will figure it out hopefully, gracefully and with dignity.”

Andres San Millán presents MAN at Taste Budd’s Café
40 West Market St.
Red Hook

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